Surface 3

Microsoft has announced a new addition to the Surface line, the Surface 3, now this device borrows heavily form the Surface Pro 3 line and rightly so. The Surface Pro 3 for all intents and purposes is a hit for Microsoft.

While the Surface 2 and the Surface RT before it, didn’t do much to generate sales or revenues for the company, the Surface Pro 3 has actually made a profit for Redmond and does generate some excitement for the device.

I predict this one will sell in bigger numbers that the Pro 3 thanks to a great form factor and value and very attractive price.

It also seems that the door for Apple to undermine the Surface Pro 3’s momentum with an “iPad Pro” has just closed a little more.

So far the Surface team seems to be fleshing out and rebalancing the Surface line nicely.


The Hardware bug

I’m feeling the urge to upgrade, I’ve been using this Windows 8.1 tablet for over a year now  and as is the norm I’ve discovered things that work with this set up and other things that don’t.

Using  a gen 1 product that’s obviously under powered brings its own unique set of issues, Lag and the inability to run multiple programs effectively. Now on the horizon a new family of much more powerful mobile hardware is almost here and   I’m of the mind to buy something. The question is really, “should I return to the traditional lap top keyboard faze” or buy another more powerful tablet that will run my programs more efficiently?

I like the idea and the more personal usage scenarios that a tablet allows while an attachable keyboard gives me the productivity I need.

I’ve fallen to the appeal of a hybrid device and find that getting locked into one form factor or the other will not work.


Hybrid device. Here I come.