Surface 3

Microsoft has announced a new addition to the Surface line, the Surface 3, now this device borrows heavily form the Surface Pro 3 line and rightly so. The Surface Pro 3 for all intents and purposes is a hit for Microsoft.

While the Surface 2 and the Surface RT before it, didn’t do much to generate sales or revenues for the company, the Surface Pro 3 has actually made a profit for Redmond and does generate some excitement for the device.

I predict this one will sell in bigger numbers that the Pro 3 thanks to a great form factor and value and very attractive price.

It also seems that the door for Apple to undermine the Surface Pro 3’s momentum with an “iPad Pro” has just closed a little more.

So far the Surface team seems to be fleshing out and rebalancing the Surface line nicely.


New Tech Toy

As I prepare to drink my coffee, I’ve decided to devote some thought to what Microsoft might reveal to the public on Tuesday.

It will almost certainly be a new surface mini in the 8 inch screen range, now I’m pretty interested in this as I’ve been thinking of getting something that’s smaller and would serve my tablet consumption needs better.

A larger surface pro would help flesh out the product line and might appeal to the buyer who wants something bigger and until now hasn’t really found this in anything out side of a Samsung product.

I still think that a 10.6 tablet size is just about perfect for me, big enough to do some productive work for an hour or two while on the go, and yet small enough to still be used comfortably in tablet form.

I still find the idea of a powerful and thin notebook class tablet very appealing though. This is turning into a small niche market that will specifically address people such as myself.

With the surface line being addressed, I’m happy to see Microsoft  expand it’s lineup and continue to show commitment to the product line.

I’m excited to see what they do tomorrow.

Bill Gates

I I’ve always been a fan of Microsoft founder and chairman Bill Gates and I happened to have the time to watch him in a video that was recorded at Harvard University.

The  Video which is almost an hour long has the being questioned about his days at Harvard and the early days at his little startup Microsoft.

While he goes over many obvious and well known scenarios, he touches on what he feels about his wealth, leaving money to his children and plenty of other topics.

Even if your not a tech fan, this bears watching.

This guy was driven to succeed and still is pretty down to earth.

Nokia and Microsoft

So its now official, Microsoft will officially buy Nokia’s handset and hardware business and some patent rights to go along with the move.

I won’t go into the details of this purchase which at this time has yet to happen before going through  all the regular regulatory maneuvering.

Of course you have the usual and expected opinions divided on both sides and not quite down the middle.

The Android fan boys lament the loss of Nokia to Microsoft and what could have been had Nokia decided to commit to or commit suicide realistically by adopting Android early and following HTC into a possible dead end of an alleyway.

Windows phone might have seemed like a less than obvious choice to many, but  with Microsoft willing to get behind Nokia and push Windows Phone at all costs..something Google would not have wanted or would have been unwilling  to do.

Was Elop a “Trojan horse” as many have claimed, maybe, most likely Elop was a conduit, an agent provocateur  that would help Redomond get a lot of needed insight into Nokia’s capabilities and the chances of taking the relationship to the next level.

There’s no naiveté on Nokias board, they knew that business prospects for the Finnish Giant was dire at best without having a very close relationship with a partner with the resources to carry the relationship forward.

Nokia and Microsoft entered the relationship being “just friends” while always secretly and probably discreetly making their longer term desires known.