Being Happy No Matter What

Waking up in the morning represents to me an opportunity.

The chance to be greatful  for what I have , it’s the little things that can make life so enjoyable.

Why get upset about a job that doesn’t pay enough instead of looking at it as a place holder that helps bring me income while I plan other things and put them into place.

I appreciate my children who bring as much happiness into my life as stress. My wife who’s taught me to grow through happiness and confrontation.

I’m happy about a cool spring day that lets me take in nature and the sounds around me.

I love my not so new car that takes me where I want to go.

I’m happy about the people I work with, I always learn something new form them, even when under stress and it helps me grow.

It’s too easy to wake up with discontent and anger, and then follow it with blame on something or someone.

The key to life is yours, attitude and vision is all that can stand in the way.



No summer please

Up and early this morning going through my usual routine, cup of coffee,  dressed and waiting for the kids to wake up.

Its a cool morning and I’ve decided to stand out side and enjoy a moment with nature. I’ve realized that even with summer and all its activities around the corner that I would skip it if I had the choice.

Summer to me represents bored kids, standing in line for rides I’d prefer not to be on, and my children complaining  that they’re bored and don’t know what to do.

It’s an engine temperature gage edging upwards and making me more uncomfortable about a possible visit to my mechanic.

Why is it that in winter we want summer and then can’t wait for the cooler weather to arrive? it’s s the polar opposite  of the two conditions that we really want.

In the same way that you want something sweet after a salty meal, it makes you experience life and you feel alive while doing so.

I guess that its really just important to observe what’s happening around you, it will all change eventually anyway.



Jimmy Buffet Nervana

Sitting and listening to music while blogging is almost a level of perfection to me, Several years ago a was working at a local retail shop when I happened to befriend the manager of the store.

I walked into her office and I noticed her playing jimmy buffet on her radio. She looked up and smiled asking me if “I Was a parrot head”.

At  the time didn’t understand what she was trying to imply, she smiled again and simply asked if ” I was a fan of Jimmy Buffet”; I replied that I wasn’t though I did know who he was.

That was many years ago, not only did I realize I blew a prefect chance to get to know my admittedly pretty female manager and find some common ground with her. But I would latter on in life come to appreciate Jimmy Buffet and his music, or more realistically the type of life or mind set that he was always promoting.

Middle age has brought a strong desire in me to simplify and demystify things in life that I’ve allowed to achieve  a stature of over importance and priority.

My children are important and my need for balance and sanity.


The rest of it is really destined for a garage sale.


Oppurtunity revisted

There can always be an argument made for not having enough choice. On the flipside having too much choice can also itself manifest its own unique set of problems. I like so many millions of other Americans was brought up on a structured progression path.

Go to school, excel in school until you’re done and then get a job that reflects what you’ve learned in school. This would seem to be clear and simple enough. Now that I’ve decided I want to create and trail my own path I’m not so sure.

What do I do, how do I come up with ideas that reflect what I want to do. Should they be a reflection  of my own interests or passions?  Like many people,I’ve been through a lot the last few years and feeling worn out is the result of this.

Yet as I get older I feel the pull to want to connect and help or inform people. It’s an innate part of being human to want to reach out and help and in turn nurture the spirit. I’ve never been particularly motivated by money, and this has always created a problem for me and it gets me into particular situations that I have to get myself out of.

Life is an illusion, Spirit is real and has to take the seat of the observer while the physical gets precedence. I’ve always on some level known that this is really just some type of school where anything good or bad essentially goes.

It’s always up to the individual to find the balance between what matters and what really has little importance in the grand scheme of things.