Surface 3

Microsoft has announced a new addition to the Surface line, the Surface 3, now this device borrows heavily form the Surface Pro 3 line and rightly so. The Surface Pro 3 for all intents and purposes is a hit for Microsoft.

While the Surface 2 and the Surface RT before it, didn’t do much to generate sales or revenues for the company, the Surface Pro 3 has actually made a profit for Redmond and does generate some excitement for the device.

I predict this one will sell in bigger numbers that the Pro 3 thanks to a great form factor and value and very attractive price.

It also seems that the door for Apple to undermine the Surface Pro 3’s momentum with an “iPad Pro” has just closed a little more.

So far the Surface team seems to be fleshing out and rebalancing the Surface line nicely.


And now for something completly different

With several days behind the launch of the new iPhone’s  a few things have become clear. the new and Nokia colorful iPhone 5C is really just the iPhone 5 with a cheaper plastic casing and a variety of colors to attract a younger or more youthful crowd.

This may seem like a move right out Of Nokia’s book, but Nokia is also providing different form factors and options and price points to cover the various and different customer base.

The iPhone 5S while having some noteworthy upgrades still pales in comparison to what has been coming to Market,  If there was no Lumia 1020 then the 5S could seem like a bigger improvement. But unfortunately it looks like the iPhone is simply a place holder until Apple can release a bigger and better phone next year.

I don’t think Apple has the luxury of time or the patience of it’s fan base on it’s side this time around. Only the most rabid Apple fan will think that the latest iPhone is worth the investment or the wait.

It’s hard to believe that there’s been a major shift in the cell phone market, Android and more accurately Samsung rules the smart phone space in market share if not execution.

Execution and  innovation goes to Nokia, Windows phone 8 is still immature but rounding out nicely and will get a more substantial upgrade early next year that should finally bring it to parity with the two other competitors in the smart phone platform space.

I find it shocking how only two years ago the iPhone seemed unassailable and now it seems very vulnerable to attacks from  both Android or really Samsung, and Nokia in the innovation  and execution space.

Unfortunately, the longer Apple takes… the higher it has to aim and make up for lost time and opportunity..

iPhone 5s

OK..I wake up thinking about what Apple will introduce today to the world,though I really shouldn’t care as I presently use an Android device of the Samsung variety.

No the fact that I describe my present phone like I would  describe some sort of creature to an animal control officer tell me that I don’t have any real passion or excitement for this phone.

Apple is probably the only company that’s done this for me hardware wise and I thought I would devote a few moments to write about this.

This is what I’ll guarantee  will happen today. Apple will introduce a revamped and improved iPhone and will disappointing waves of bored tech journalists.

How couldn’t they?  Apple will intro a phone that strikes a delicate balance between what resources are presently available and the vision of the phone that Jony Ives and the thousands of other people involved in the process could come up with.

Making a consumer product with the expectations people have of Apple and the iPhone is next to impossible to meet.

I myself will wait until next year when I’m pretty sure that my cell phone will need to be replaced because it’s small and mounting idiosyncrasies will begin to annoy me.

Apples biggest crime is that they’re a business that is subject to the push and pull of a flicked market and consumers that are looking for the next thrill to keep them mentally occupied for at least a few moments.

Sorry people…you’re going to be upset, go home and hug your dogs,cats,kids and wives what have you.

Me..I’m just glad to be alive.