No summer please

Up and early this morning going through my usual routine, cup of coffee,  dressed and waiting for the kids to wake up.

Its a cool morning and I’ve decided to stand out side and enjoy a moment with nature. I’ve realized that even with summer and all its activities around the corner that I would skip it if I had the choice.

Summer to me represents bored kids, standing in line for rides I’d prefer not to be on, and my children complaining  that they’re bored and don’t know what to do.

It’s an engine temperature gage edging upwards and making me more uncomfortable about a possible visit to my mechanic.

Why is it that in winter we want summer and then can’t wait for the cooler weather to arrive? it’s s the polar opposite  of the two conditions that we really want.

In the same way that you want something sweet after a salty meal, it makes you experience life and you feel alive while doing so.

I guess that its really just important to observe what’s happening around you, it will all change eventually anyway.




Jimmy Buffet Nervana

Sitting and listening to music while blogging is almost a level of perfection to me, Several years ago a was working at a local retail shop when I happened to befriend the manager of the store.

I walked into her office and I noticed her playing jimmy buffet on her radio. She looked up and smiled asking me if “I Was a parrot head”.

At  the time didn’t understand what she was trying to imply, she smiled again and simply asked if ” I was a fan of Jimmy Buffet”; I replied that I wasn’t though I did know who he was.

That was many years ago, not only did I realize I blew a prefect chance to get to know my admittedly pretty female manager and find some common ground with her. But I would latter on in life come to appreciate Jimmy Buffet and his music, or more realistically the type of life or mind set that he was always promoting.

Middle age has brought a strong desire in me to simplify and demystify things in life that I’ve allowed to achieve  a stature of over importance and priority.

My children are important and my need for balance and sanity.


The rest of it is really destined for a garage sale.


life and illusion

It seems that on days when I find myself in situations that I find of questionable value and dubious situations I seem to go from one extreme or the other.     I ask myself why I’m I putting up with this situation or something seems hopeless and not worth the energy required to hold it together. And then some point later I seem to have small revelations..

I don’t call it god or universe on my higher self. Just little streams or thoughts that seem to pop up and point out the obvious.

This life we live isn’t ultimately real, its an illusion or physical manifestation designed  to create experiences and a response on a higher level.

I sometimes forget this, and its also obvious that some people will never have this kind of realization, but when it does happen I find myself feeling lighter and happier.


The world we live in is ugly and beautiful and everything in between, better than anything Disney could create and in a fashion that keeps us heavily immersed in its complications and pettiness .

It just takes some moment of silence and reflection to realize that its just really just a trip or ride.






The Return of Winter

Sitting here at the local coffee spot and thinking about the cold weather that has returned temporally to the Midwest. I’m certainly no fan of the winters here, they’re too long and can get just a bit harsh, especially after the holidays when one has nothing to look forward to until spring.

There’s always an upside to every situation and I think most people will be thinking of a cold day like this when in the middle of July and sweating away at the job or in the back yard.

I’ll take my change of seasons and everything that comes with it  including the harsh weather and sunless days.


At least in moderation.

Feeling the call

This winter was an interesting experience. I spent it working in the employment of another organization and having others directing me during my work day.

I feel this was a wonderful thing to happen as I was going through severe burn out and needed a change to recuperate and focus and what new course I should plot in life.

After several months of consideration and reflecting I’ve decided to return to self employment… what and the where is an unknown, but I’m in the process of gathering information to decide what to do.

It’s really amazing how many great resources and support groups are available for the person who seeks it out and with being in a new year I’m looking forward to meeting new people and making new friendships.

Returning from beyond

Well… so we’re into February and I haven’t posted since late last year. There are many reasons for this, priorities and other demands on my time. In reality it’s also a touch of laziness.

But now that we are in the first half of the new year I’ve returned from my self exile to post again. I won’t have anything to post of any real interest today, just this proclamation that I have returned. Echo anyone?

A lot has happened, the worst winter in along time for most. The economy is still somewhat lethargic still looking for its own footing and has yet to find parcel to do just that.


I hope the few that have read any of my posts enjoyed a good holiday and smooth new year and that life is revealing its best to you.


I will be back to post at least once or twice per week if not more.


Thank you.


Always Smile

I, as  a typical earthbound human being who’s been around a little while have has my shares of up and downs during my life and while I feel I’ve changed dramatically over the course of the last few years.

One of the habits I’ve learned and implemented in my life is to always as much a I can, be polite. No matter what or how my day is going or how I feel.

I always find it interesting that some people I know have absolutely no sense of self control when having a bad day. we’ve all been there, the rude cashier at the local super market or the indifferent government employee that shows absolutely no desire to help you or answer a simple question.

Being consistently polite  takes practice, and like exercising or meditating becomes habit only after some time.

Every day I go into a store or coffee shop, pass somebody in a hallway, I always make eye contact and give a smile. The person in focus doesn’t always respond in kind or just refuses to acknowledge anything.

Everyday is a battle to remain balanced in a world that seems to be listing over to the side as it takes on water.

This is an absolutely  silly  post created early in the AM, but I think It’s something worth mentioning.