New Tech Toy

As I prepare to drink my coffee, I’ve decided to devote some thought to what Microsoft might reveal to the public on Tuesday.

It will almost certainly be a new surface mini in the 8 inch screen range, now I’m pretty interested in this as I’ve been thinking of getting something that’s smaller and would serve my tablet consumption needs better.

A larger surface pro would help flesh out the product line and might appeal to the buyer who wants something bigger and until now hasn’t really found this in anything out side of a Samsung product.

I still think that a 10.6 tablet size is just about perfect for me, big enough to do some productive work for an hour or two while on the go, and yet small enough to still be used comfortably in tablet form.

I still find the idea of a powerful and thin notebook class tablet very appealing though. This is turning into a small niche market that will specifically address people such as myself.

With the surface line being addressed, I’m happy to see Microsoft  expand it’s lineup and continue to show commitment to the product line.

I’m excited to see what they do tomorrow.


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