Life vs. Money

Money is such an interesting thing, its very much like the force from Star Wars, it surrounds us and binds us, it’s the glue that we use to stick so many things together.

It becomes quite a major issue when passion and money aren’t one and the same. I’ve watched Bill Gates and Steve Jobs give speeches on why passion is the driver to get where you want to go and eventually money follows.

But what does one do when you make money and your passion are very separate things?

I’ve struggled with this over the years, working for money in employment that for the most part left me with a feeling of indifference to what I did, doing it well enough to earn my keep but really not caring deep down inside one way or the other .

I’ve struggled with trying to bridge the two worlds, My passions lie elsewhere and with time a realization comes that I should stop trying to guarantee myself an absolute ability to know what I have to do and just build a path that merges the two.

Being a heavy left brain thinker can have very negative effects on someone who needs to see a clear and defined path to where I want to be, yet trusting in a part of myself not so clearly defined is something new and interesting…. but terrifying.

I’ll keep doing the blind walk thing anyway, it seems to be working.




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