Always Smile

I, as  a typical earthbound human being who’s been around a little while have has my shares of up and downs during my life and while I feel I’ve changed dramatically over the course of the last few years.

One of the habits I’ve learned and implemented in my life is to always as much a I can, be polite. No matter what or how my day is going or how I feel.

I always find it interesting that some people I know have absolutely no sense of self control when having a bad day. we’ve all been there, the rude cashier at the local super market or the indifferent government employee that shows absolutely no desire to help you or answer a simple question.

Being consistently polite  takes practice, and like exercising or meditating becomes habit only after some time.

Every day I go into a store or coffee shop, pass somebody in a hallway, I always make eye contact and give a smile. The person in focus doesn’t always respond in kind or just refuses to acknowledge anything.

Everyday is a battle to remain balanced in a world that seems to be listing over to the side as it takes on water.

This is an absolutely  silly  post created early in the AM, but I think It’s something worth mentioning.


Government and the People

So here I sit living under the shadow of a full government shutdown. The Federal government of the United states has shut down and has no more money available to continue running its various services and institutions unless it raises it’s “debt sealing”.

Now from my observations and I don’t follow any of this silliness,  How can the U.S. Government not continue operating ? after all aren’t taxes still being  levied on every sales and transaction that requires the exchange of money?

It seems that the Federal Government is a lot like everybody’s parent. When my kids ask me to buy something for them and I don’t want to I simply tell them I don’t have any money on me.

I still see the post office functioning and I still believe the airports are all open and allowing planes to land and take off.

I know the military is still functioning, I’m sure there are still bombs and airplanes being built to order.

Is the pentagon open today?  or are all the military people and civilians standing around talking to each other and smoking cigarettes.

So what I think we really have here is just a Giant Mexican Standoff and we’re the kids asking for the money and being told there’s no money.

I’m not the expert and know it all, I’m pretty well informed about a very limited range of things that help me to raise my kids and make a living.

If the U.S government has no money then by all means don’t charge me sales tax, payroll tax and tax on the gasoline that I buy.

Fire congress and the senate, like any business that has no funds or is low on funds, they let employees go first and then cut essential services soon afterwards. But in this case essential services would go first and the  employees or the congress and senate are still employed.


What I’d like to see is my local congressman, or all senators and congressman get a job at a local Target or Starbucks. Now you’re in touch with the people and you can see what it’s like from our perspective .

This is nothing but theatre and I want a refund.