Doctor Who in America

As person who feels that I need to solve the worlds problems, I’ve always felt that one of the things that I would put my focus on is making the greatest Sci-fi character of all times more of a household name.

Yes, the greatest time lord of all. The Doctor, or better known as Doctor Who.

One of the first things that I realized wouldn’t work would be his Time and space traveling machine The TARDIS. Who would believe that an Old 60’s era British Phone box or booth sitting on the side of the road or in an alley really should be there?

I realized that for this show to succeed the TARDIS would have to appear as something else and after some serious thought this was my solution.

The TARDIS could simply have it’s appearance changed to look like something that would be very common and believable here in America.

So what would it be?; I believe that any one of several items would work and  I’ll list them below.

1. A Porta -Potty

2. Old American Style Phone booth which there must be thousand lying around somewhere, Just tint the Windows.

3. A Large wooden crate.

4. An Abandoned SUV.

After running these four concepts through my mind I felt that the Porta-Potty had the best chance of pulling it off. After all it’s not unusual to suddenly have a Porta-Potty show up with out warning and then disappear almost as fast as it appeared.

Just give it some flare and make it some what distinguishable  for marketing purposes such as little TARDIS toys and posters. TARDIS Porta Potty jackets  and bumper stickers.

I really think this could work.


Bill Gates

I I’ve always been a fan of Microsoft founder and chairman Bill Gates and I happened to have the time to watch him in a video that was recorded at Harvard University.

The  Video which is almost an hour long has the being questioned about his days at Harvard and the early days at his little startup Microsoft.

While he goes over many obvious and well known scenarios, he touches on what he feels about his wealth, leaving money to his children and plenty of other topics.

Even if your not a tech fan, this bears watching.

This guy was driven to succeed and still is pretty down to earth.

People Watching

I have to admit that if I have any guilty pleasure…besides drinking copious amounts of coffee, I love to just people watch. I do this because I’ve found that the busier life gets for me the more I have to force myself to slow down and look at the world around me.

And one of the most interesting place I’ve found is the library, sit at the local book depository long enough and watch the people around you and you can almost tell what’s going on in someone’s life.

I sit and watch the young girl and know that she’s out of high school and contemplating what to do while she holds down a less than satisfactory job.

I watch the well dressed middle-aged man or woman and I know that they’re in between or in transition. Unemployed and just coming from or going to an interview and hoping to get back up and running. Hoping to get the mojo back and make up for lost income and self-esteem.

I’ve learned to let go for the most part, most of this doesn’t matter. One Hundred years ago everybody  was self-employed and was always in guarantees.

Go out and manifest destiny, don’t wait for someone to choose you, don’t look for somebody to tell you  you’re  good enough  .

The more I watch, the more I realize people, all kinds are just an incredible thing, I find my local human being a lot more interesting than I do reality TV.

Surface 2 and Pro 2

What I found much more interesting is the introduction of the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2. The fact that these machines have not sold well is a black eye  to the way Redmond dropped the ball on the message.

I flirted with buying a Surface RT last year and then purchased a Dell Windows 8 Tablet instead and I’ve been mostly happy with my decision. But with the introduction of these new machines I’m seriously reconsidering getting the Surface 2 which would be a perfect fit for my usage scenario .

I just love these new tablets, they are easier to use on a much more personal level and still incredibly useful.

Apple and 9 Million iPhones

It looks like Apple has another hit on it’s hands, If the numbers are correct and I have no reason to believe that Apple is misleading the public. They are publicly traded after all.

What I find interesting is that the gold iPhone seems to be the most popular color of the three, this  would be the last color I would buy. But then again a gold iPhone is a novelty for now.

Gold is the new Black.

Waiting on a phone

Up bright and early for my morning coffee. My local Starbucks is located a few doors down from an At&t store and sure enough there’s a line of people sitting in chairs in the dark waiting for the At&t store to open at 6:10 in the morning.

I just don’t understand it, the phone looks the same as last years iPhone 5.

We are a society of drones programmed to respond to almost any kind of marketing.

I could almost understand if the new iPhone was really unique and different from last years model,  I’m really starting to believe that we are stuck in a matrix and we don’t realize it.

An entire species programmed to respond and continue the illusion of want vs need.

Pavlov’s dogs indeed.

Oppurtunity revisted

There can always be an argument made for not having enough choice. On the flipside having too much choice can also itself manifest its own unique set of problems. I like so many millions of other Americans was brought up on a structured progression path.

Go to school, excel in school until you’re done and then get a job that reflects what you’ve learned in school. This would seem to be clear and simple enough. Now that I’ve decided I want to create and trail my own path I’m not so sure.

What do I do, how do I come up with ideas that reflect what I want to do. Should they be a reflection  of my own interests or passions?  Like many people,I’ve been through a lot the last few years and feeling worn out is the result of this.

Yet as I get older I feel the pull to want to connect and help or inform people. It’s an innate part of being human to want to reach out and help and in turn nurture the spirit. I’ve never been particularly motivated by money, and this has always created a problem for me and it gets me into particular situations that I have to get myself out of.

Life is an illusion, Spirit is real and has to take the seat of the observer while the physical gets precedence. I’ve always on some level known that this is really just some type of school where anything good or bad essentially goes.

It’s always up to the individual to find the balance between what matters and what really has little importance in the grand scheme of things.